• Moulin de lily
  • Moulin de lily
  • Moulin de lily

From past to present a journey through the centuries

During the 17th century, there was a water mill on the bank of the river Yvette called le Moulin des Casseaux or le Moulin de la Planche. Hatches can still be seen on old postcards from the beginning of the 20th century. It was also used as a hunting inn as there were many forests and much game in the region. The inn then became a hotel and a restaurant surrounded by an 18ha parc crossed by a river. In the 1900‘s people would come and have lunch in the parc and then would go canoeing on the Yvette during refreshing garden parties in the countryside.

By the middle of the 20th century, the mill was forgotten and it was threatened to be demolished in the 2000‘s. It was narrowly saved and totally renovated in 2004. It re-opened its doors about ten years ago and it had been welcoming people sensitive to a genuine and natural art of living since then.

l'Yvette rivière

facade moulin de lily facade Moulin de lily
Formule IGLOO

La formule "IGLOO"

1 night + breakfast + dinner for 2